GLOCK 22 .40S&W


Glock 22 pistol for sale

Our store is the ideal place to get Glock 22 pistol for sale. Next-Generation Glocks are now available for purchase online; purchase yours today! Now available in.40 Smith & Wesson! Arizona online gun store, gen4 glock 22, gen5 glock 22 for sale, gen5 glock 22 to order. Buy glock 22 gen4 , GLOCK 22 40S&W, where to buy firearms online, buy guns online Arizona

Incorporating all of the new Gen5 improvements, the Glock 22 brings.40 S&W Glocks up to date.

The new nDLC finish on Glock’s barrel and slide is harder and more durable.

Glock’s “Marksman” barrels, with their updated rifling, have been praised for their increased precision.

With the finger grooves removed, the user’s fingers are free to move wherever they like. Buy glock 22 gen4

The slide may be easily released with either hand thanks to the ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever.

Subtle but efficient for rapid reloads, the flared magwell. Purchase Gen5 Glock 22s

We can only ship firearms to the FFL of your choice via Fedex Overnight. The insurance premium is included in the $40 fixed rate.

Orders for firearms typically take between 24 and 48 hours to process before they are shipped.

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The 40 S&W is an intermediate caliber between the 9×19 and the.45 Auto. Gen5 technology, including as the nDLC finish, flared mag-well, upgraded GLOCK Marksman barrel (GMB) for greater accuracy, and ambidextrous slide stop lever, are now available for the G22. Looking for where to buy firearms online ?  we are the best Online gun shops that you can trust.

The Gen5 family is here, and it includes both the 9×19 and the.40 S&W. Gen5 GLOCK pistols represent the company’s newest efforts to improve upon previous models. The GLOCK Marksman Barrel, nDLC finish, ambidextrous slide stop lever, elimination of finger grooves, and flared mag-well are just a few of the more than 20 design changes made to Gen5 handguns compared to their Gen4 counterparts. Whether you’re practicing on the range or in a high-stakes game, you’ll appreciate the difference these updates make in terms of precision, reliability, performance, command, and adaptability.

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• nDLC finish, which is currently unique to the GLOCK production method and the Gen5 models. The pistol is better able to perform in degreased or harsh situations, and it is more resistant to corrosion and scratching thanks to the coating.
The magwell’s flared design creates a wider funnel, facilitating swifter reloads even in high-pressure circumstances where every second counts.

The GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) is designed to improve accuracy with its aggressive polygonal rifling, target-style crown, and tighter chamber specifications.
The slide stop lever is ambidextrous, making it more comfortable to use for left-handed shooters and those who prefer to use their support hand when firing.

GLOCK 22 40S&W

Grip ergonomics and fit for hands of varying sizes are improved by doing away with the finger grooves.
Improvements to the firing pin’s safety and the trigger spring make for a more comfortable trigger pull and a more reliable reset.
When the trigger is pushed, the Safe Action® System’s safety features disengage in order and then reengage when the trigger is released.
The magazine can be more easily removed from the handgun in the event that it does not come out during a malfunction or reload thanks to the enlarged floor plate.
Two sizes of backstraps, one with and one without a beavertail, allow for a wide range of frame sizes to be accommodated. The adjustable circumference of the grip is made possible by the frame’s various backstraps.
High capacity magazines are available for several handgun models, albeit this varies by caliber and overall size of the weapon.




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