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Glock 18 for sale

The Best gun store to get Glock 18 for sale. which are utilized by agency SWAT teams. At our site, you can buy a Glock 18 on your own both legally and illegally because we can ship it to you without a permit. However, you can get a Glock 18 automatic for sale, buy glock 18 pistol, auto glock 18, glock 18 automatic

The asking price is based on a Class III dealer buying one pistol. If purchased by an LE agency, discounts are possible. Only regular magazines are included; the large capacity magazine in the image is not included.

Glock 18 automatic for sale

please refer to item description

Caliber: 9mm Luger Location: NC

Brevard, North Carolina-based WNC Tactical is a Class III dealer that sells all varieties of suppressors and weapons. We are experts in weapons for tactical and domestic defense. We offer Drop Off dealer services for local out-of-state transfers and FFL transfer services for online transactions.

Buy glock 18 pistol

Shipping Information: $35 for shipping and handling to the Class III dealer, including insurance.

The lock-18 is a controversial burst fire pistol that causes less damage than other guns in its class and is less powerful than the M9 handgun. It also has more recoil than other pistols. The ability to switch between 3-round burst mode and semi-automatic mode is its key feature. This weapon is effective against mutants since it possesses the third-largest magazine in the Pistol class (after PMR 30 and OTs-23 Drotik) and the fourth-largest magazine among Secondary weapons (behind MAC-10, PMR-30, and OTs-23). Due to the polymer frame that is typical of Glock handguns, this gun is also exceptionally lightweight. Auto glock 18, glock 18 automatic

9 reviews for GLOCK 18

  1. Martin freeman

    My favorite Glock at the moment 😍

  2. Edmond G

    First time using Best Gun Store. Delivery was fast and arrived in excellent condition. Price was very good. Ordered the extended mag with it and mag arrived at my house a couple of days later. Also ordered Tru-Glo pro night sights and they arrived within a couple of days. Sights were installed yesterday so we’re finally ready to shoot it. As for the disassembly of the gun, it’s very easy and quick and re-assembly is very quick as well. I put the larger back strap on and it fits my hand very well. The finishing touch will be shooting it next week. Stay tuned.

  3. Handy Fredrick

    Very easy to conceal and has good magazine capacity. This little weapon does have some kick to it. Worth the money.

  4. David menge

    I can’t wait for this to be restocked I need it so bad

  5. Marianté Raul

    Muy buena pistol, ligera, precisa y fácil de cargar…..

  6. Ramon abase

    Will be getting another Glock from you guys soon

  7. Micheal Anderson

    I really enjoy this particular Glock ever since I purchased it from you guys probably I’ll be getting G17 soon

  8. Fredrick m.

    Very good pistol, good quality, well built and very reliable, considering the price it is not bad at all. Very ergonomic and easy to carry.

  9. Eddie H

    Excellent service and excellent product thanks for yours services

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