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The best gun store to get Glock 42 for sale. The Glock 42 pistol in 380 is the ideal CCW since it is slim, portable, and fits neatly into a pocket, holster, or purse. Where can I get a Glock 42 for sale nearby? is a question that can be answered. This striker-fired concealed carry pistol is available online and is prepared to be delivered to your neighborhood FFL dealer, saving you the time and effort of looking around for the ideal firearm. However, you can buy Glock 42 pistol from us. Gun dealers near me, used glock 42, glock 42 380

buy Glock 42 pistol

This pocket handgun comes with two 6-round 380 ACP magazines and has a comfortable grip, the Safe Action trigger mechanism, and the simple controls you need for secure everyday carry. Gun dealers near me

Product Specifications for Glock 4 26 RD 380 ACP Pistol

  • Manufacturer:Glock
  • Model:42
  • Height:4.13″
  • Accessories:Manual, Lock, Cleaning Rod, Nylon Brush

  • Action:Striker

  • Barrel Height:1.26″

  • Barrel Length:3.25″

  • n Barrel Twist:1:9.84

  • Caliber:380 ACP
  • Capacity:6

  • # of Magazines:1

  • Frame Color:Black

  • Frame Material:Polymer

  • Origin:USA
  • Overall Length:5.94″

  • Sight Front Color:White

  • G Sight Front Material:Paint

  • B Sight Radius:4.92″

  • Sight Rear Color:White

  • Sight Rear Material:Paint

  • Slide Color:Black

  • Slide Width:.94″

  • Trigger Pull:5.5 lb

  • Weight Loaded:17.29 oz

  • Weight Unloaded:13.76 oz

    used glock 42, glock 42 380


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