glock 23 gen3 for sale

Looking to get glock 23 gen3 for sale ? we have the best glocks available. Yes, it’s the Gen5, the newest type of Glock, and it’s now available in.40 S&W!  Buy glock 23 pistol , custom glock 23, Glock for sale Texas, buy glock without license

Here is a short list of the Gen5’s features, including the MOS mounting method for Red Dot Optics.

New Finish: The nDLC finish on Glock’s barrel and slide is harder and lasts longer. Buy glock 23 pistol

New Barrel: The “Marksman” barrel from Glock has new shaping that makes it more accurate.

No Finger Grooves: Without finger grooves, your fingers can now go where they want to, which isn’t always where the finger grooves were.

With an ambidextrous slide stop lever, you can easily remove the slide with either hand. 9mm ammo for sale

Flared Magwell: It’s subtle, but it works well for fast reloads.

custom glock 23

MOS Mounting System: The interchangeable mounting plates let you put almost any Red Dot Optic on the market. Buy glock 23 gen3

Besides the big style features, the Gen5s also have:

1 There is no lock block pin
2 Dehorned slide nose
3 Improved setup of the trigger spring
4 Magazine floorplate was made better
5 Someone who reads Orange magazine
6 Redesigned trigger mechanism housing
7 Frame remake under trigger guard • Redesigned firing pin and firing pin safety

1 Trigger pin changes
2 Modified release bar
3: New extractor; Front slide bars were made stronger.

2. Firearms can only be sent with Fedex Overnight. This is a basic $40 fee that also covers insurance. Glock for sale Texas, buy glock without license



10 rounds, 13 rounds


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