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our store is the ideal place to buy glock 18c online. The Glock 18 is a first-round attack pistol for CS:GO. Low damage, a large ammo capacity, and burst firing are its primary characteristics. But there are also numerous mysteries about this pistol that CS.MONEY is willing to share. Glock 18c full auto, glock 18c for sale, glock 18 gen5 for sale, how much is a glock 18

The Glock-18 is an unpopular Burst Fire handgun because it has higher recoil than other pistols and provides lower damage than other guns in its class, including the M9 pistol

Glock 18c full auto

The ability to switch between 3-round burst mode and semi-automatic mode is its key feature.

This weapon is effective against mutants since it possesses the third-largest magazine in the Pistol class (after PMR 30 and OTs-23 Drotik) and the fourth-largest magazine among Secondary weapons (behind MAC-10, PMR-30, and OTs-23).

Due to the polymer frame that is typical of Glock handguns, this gun is also exceptionally lightweight.

glock 18c for sale

The main strength of the Glock is how little harm it does, especially at a distance. One shot from the pistol is insufficient to kill an attacker at a range of fifteen meters, even when firing at someone who is not wearing a helmet. Glock 18 gen5 for sale This is a significant problem because a Glock owner must maintain a close distance even during pistol rounds.

Poor armor penetration is yet another weakness. Even at close range, killing an armored foe requires two headshots. Eight meters away, two shots won’t be sufficient.

Glock is the poorest option for any round other than pistol rounds due to the combination of the two aforementioned characteristics.

However, you can feel like a royal by employing it in the pistol round. The first round’s opponents have few explosives and no helmets due to a tight budget.

As a result, you may just press W and charge the opposition. Even defensive athletes frequently grab a Glock for a quick pistol round knockout.

Glock pistols have the ability to fire three-round bursts, unlike other pistols. The game’s peak fire rate is achieved in the burst mode, which fires an astonishing 1200 rounds per minute.

However, if you only fire in bursts, the average rate of fire is only 360 RPM, how much is a glock 18  which is even lower than in semi-automatic mode. This distinction results from the pistol pausing for a half-second between bursts, rendering this shooting mode unusable in the great majority of game scenarios.



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