mathews vxr 28 compound bow

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mathews vxr bow for sale

our store is the ideal place to get mathews vxr bow for sale. Not all of the module kinds and bow colors are currently in stock, however if you need something right away, get in touch with us to find out. However, you can buy mathews vxr 31.5, mathews vxr 28 for sale, buy mathews vxr in Europe, bows for sale UK

The 2020 VXR’s expanded, six-bridge riser was created to reduce weight while enhancing strength and stability. While keeping the agility of a small hunting rig, it holds like a target bow. The most stable, covert platform we’ve ever constructed was made possible by this new platform, which improved cam efficiency and intensified the effects of 3D damping.

Mathews vxr 28 for sale

Brace Height 6″ Brace Length 31.5″ Speed 343 FPS
Draw Weight 60, 65, 70, or 75 lbs. Draw Length 26,5 to 31′′
Weight in Mass: 4.66 pounds
Switchweight Technology is presented. buy mathews vxr 31.5

Stop fiddling with your limbs anymore. With our brand-new, patent-pending Switchweight Technology, you may quickly replace a mod to vary your peak weight. Max weights of 60, 65, 70, and 75 lb are available. Buy mathews vxr in Europe, bows for sale UK


Accuracy depends on stability, thus a platform’s riser design was strategically approached to reduce weight while preserving maximum rigidity in essential regions. The VXR may be held as a target bow and handled like a dagger thanks to the unique riser design. Get a glock 17 from our store


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