Mathews V3 27 Compound Hunting Bow


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our store is the ideal place to get a mathews bows for sale. We have many modules types and bow colors in stock but not all of them, but contact us about availability if you are in a hurry. However, mathews v3x 33 for sale, mathews v3 27, mathews v3 bow near me, hoyt ventum 33

The V3 27 is Mathews’ most compact bow to date, measuring 27′′ axle-to-axle for maximum mobility in small settings. The V3 offers hunters a nimble bow without losing industry-leading accuracy thanks to their longest riser to ATA ratio to date. The brand-new Nano 740 damper improves vibration control while the new Centerguard cable containment, which has a patent pending, optimizes cam timing, creating a stealthy, agile hunting bow that has never encountered a challenge it couldn’t handle. Mathews v3 27

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Brace Height 6″ Brace Length 27″ Speed 342 FPS
Draw Weight 60, 65, 70, or 75 lbs. Draw Length 25-29.5″
Weight in Mass 4.29 lbs. Glock 26 for sale

Switchweight Technolgy

Stop fiddling with your limbs anymore. With our brand-new, patent-pending Switchweight Technology, you may quickly replace a mod to vary your peak weight. Max weights of 60, 65, 70, and 75 lb are available. Mathews v3 bow near me


provides more vane clearance while balancing the angle of the wires during the draw cycle for ideal cam timing. Glock 17 for sale


To reduce post-shot vibration and noise, the brand-new Nano 740 is calibrated and tuned to the precise harmonics of the bow. At full draw, the new extended position also adds to the balance. Hoyt ventum 33


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