PPU, .38 Special, FMJ, 130 Grain, 50 Rounds


500 Rounds of .38 Spl Ammo by Prvi Partizan – 158gr LRN


Prvi Partizan’s .38 Special load is ideal for target practice. The 158-grain lead round nose bullet is an economical and accurate projectile that achieves a muzzle velocity of about 902 feet per second. Made to SAAMI standards, these cartridges come in Boxer-primed reloadable brass cases. This ammunition is ideal for outdoor range use; indoor ranges may prohibit the use of lead nosed ammo due to lead exposure concerns.

Prvi Partizan ammunition is made in the city of Uzice in Serbia, approximately 200 kilometers from the capital, Belgrade. The company manufactures ammunition at its three plants in over 400 cartridges and exports all over the world. Its products include hunting and range ammunition as well as APFSDS projectiles for use in tank cannons. Prvi Partizan was founded in 1927 and has withstood multiple upheavals including the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia and the post-war nationalization under the Tito regime. The company returned to the private sector in 1998 and continues to experience strong growth due to worldwide demand for its high quality ammo.


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