LET SW 5906 9MM



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The 5906 is a full-sized, double/single-action (DA/SA), staggered-column magazine, 9×19mm pistol. However, Its construction is all stainless steel. The 5906 is equipped with a magazine disconnect feature. Which is designed to deactivate the trigger if the magazine is not fully inserted. Glocks stores near me

buy glocks near me California, the pistol comes standard with either a 10- or 15-round magazine. Other features include ambidextrous safety levers, a one-piece rear wraparound grip. And a choice of either fixed sights or a rear sight fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Gun shops near me

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In addition, once a very popular model with law enforcement and military units in the United States. The DA/SA 5906 has been superseded by polymer-framed striker-fired models from Glock, . However, heckler & Koch, SIG Sauer as well as Smith & Wesson’s own M&P line of polymer framed handguns in both 9mm and .40 calibers. Gun dealers near me, Glocks stores near me


Glocks stores near me, The first generation Smith & Wesson semi-auto pistol designations consist of two digits, such as Smith & Wesson Model 39 and Model 59. Second generation pistols are designate glock 23 for sale by three digits; these include the Model 459, Model 659, etc. Many second generation designs were eventually upgrad with various improvements, thus becoming the third generation pistols; these are identify.  Automatic pistol, glock 23 for sale


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