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Our store is the ideal place to get a glock 19 x for sale. The 9mm Glock 19X is the first “crossover” Glock, fusing the best of the larger G17 frame and the smaller G19 slide. Buy glock 19x pistol, glock 19x mos, glock store nashville, used glock 43.

The Glock 19X, the first “Crossover” pistol from the company, combines the greatest aspects of two of their most successful designs. The combined strengths of the pistol’s full-sized frame and its compact slide make it the perfect weapon for every circumstance.

Buy glock 19x pistol

The first factory-produced coloured slide is a coyote, and it inspires confidence. The nPVD coating of the Glock 19X makes it resistant to the environment, chemicals, and corrosion. The G19X has a lanyard loop for retention, is ambidextrous thanks to a slide stop lever on both the left and right sides, and has a barrel with enhanced polygonal rifling and an improved barrel crown. In addition to the coyote case, you will receive two standard 17-round magazines and two 17+2-round extended magazines.

glock 19x mos

The G19X was originally designed for the military, but it has since become a popular choice for concealed carry because to its efficiency, dependability, and longevity. The improvements made to the design give the user confidence that they will thrive in any environment. Successfully making the “Crossover to Confidence.” Glock store nashville, used glock 43.

You must have your firearms delivered to you using Fedex Overnight. The insurance premium is included in the $40 fixed rate.

Orders for firearms are typically processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours.




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