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Buy hoyt ventum 33 online. Ventum re-imagines how a bow delivers calm in the shot when nerves are raw and adrenaline feeds on a constant drip. This new definition is what happens when you take how a bow should feel and adopt it as a philosophy.  hoyt ventum 33 for sale, hoyt ventum 33 price, mathews v3 27 bows, order hoyt ventum 33

Ventum marks our most aggressive pursuit of shot experience ever poured into a bow. The result is our smoothest, quietest bow to date — and by a long shot. This is the crossroads between the path you know and the path being engineered by progress. hoyt ventum 33 for sale

LL-New HBX cam system
Ventum boasts an all-new engine. We aren’t talking about an overhaul to a previous cam, we’re talking about an all-new cam system specifically designed for unparalleled performance. HBX comes in one cam size that covers the full draw length range. By using two different module sizes, so you get the fastest performance across all draw lengths. The smooth and fast HBX Cam is making its debut on our highest performance. Hunting bows and you are going to love how it tunes, shoots, and feels. hoyt ventum 33 price

Buy hoyt ventum 33 online

IN-LINE Sight mount
Bow balance is paramount for accuracy and consistency. Mounting accessories on the side of the bow throws everything off. Our In-Line Sight mount uses the proven reliability of a picatinny rail to strategically. Mount your sight on the front of your bow, in-line with the riser for a more streamlined fit. Better balance, and more reliable attachment. mathews v3 27 bows

INTEGRATE rest mounting system
QAD’s rock solid Integrate Mounting system keeps the rest inline with the bow riser, resulting in better balance, a significantly more secure attachment system and lighter weight. order hoyt ventum 33


SL sidebar attachment
We improved the effectiveness of a sidebar by lowering the location to a lower center of gravity. This allows for better results from a smaller and light sidebar. When paired with our new SL Sidebar mount you get less bulk, less weight, less obtrusion, more stabilization, and a more streamlined attachment system for your sidebar.

IN-LINE Short stop 2.25” stabiliser
By moving the stabilizer location to a lower position on the bow, it lowered the center of gravity, increasing the effectiveness of the stabilizer. With the attachment point farther forward, a 2-inch stabilizer in this location has the same reach as a 6-inch stabilizer in the typical location, so you get improved stabilization from a shorter, lighter weight stabilizer. Our tests showed such a dramatic improvement, we are including a Short Stop stabilizer with every new Ventum.


  • 334 FPS (ATA)
  • 33″ Axle-to-Axle
  • 6⅛” Brace Height
  • 4.7 lbs
  • Draw Length: 26-29″ – 29.5″-31″


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